History and Geography

History and GeographyVoyagers is an exciting project-based resource that covers both History and Geography with clear cross-curricular links. 

With engaging and creative new curriculum activities, these projects are sure to reinvigorate your humanities classes.

In each pack you will find Teacher's Guides for each Key Stage (Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2) and a huge online resource bank filled with everything you need to deliver the lessons and more, including maps and timelines, images, videos, pictures of artefacts, web links, extra teacher's guidance, pupil resources, scaffolds to use with the children and much more!

Voyagers PackSome example topics from our History pack include:

  • What impact did the Anglo-Saxons have?

  • How did World War II impact our local area?

  • How has communication changed over time?

  • What was new about the Stone Age?

  • What happened when the Romans came?

  • It is better to be a child now than in the past?

  • Who are our local heroes?

  • How did the first flight change the world?

  • How has food changed over time?

Download these free sample History lessons below:

Year 1 - Did grandad have an xbox?
Year 2 - What were early aeroplanes like and how did they fly?
Year 3 - Why is it called 'The Stone Age'?
Year 4 - When were the Victorians alive?
Year 5 - Why did so many Vikings leave home?
Year 6 - It's war!

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