Voyagers is an exciting project-based resource that covers both Geography and History and is published in assocation with the Geographical Association.

With engaging and creative new curriculum activities these projects are sure to reinvigorate your humanities classes.

In each pack you will find Teacher's Guides for each Key Stage (Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2) and a huge online resource bank filled with everything you need to deliver the lessons and more, including maps and timelines, images, videos, pictures of artefacts, web links, extra teacher's guidance, pupil resources, scaffolds to use with the children and much more!

Some example topics from our Geography pack include:

  • How is our country changing?

  • What is it like in the Amazon?

  • Are we damaging our world?

  • Is climate cool?

  • How does water go round and round?

  • Can the earth shake, rattle and roll?

  • What are seasons?

  • Where does our food come from?

  • What are the seven wonders of our world?

Download free sample Geography lessons below:

Year 1 - Places we go to
Year 2 - What are the ancient world wonders?
Year 3 - What time is it where you are?
Year 4 - Does the earth shake, rattle and roll?
Year 5 - How have glaciers and avalanches changed the landscape?
Year 6 - Where does our energy come from?

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