Foundation Subjects

Teach complete, knowledge-rich, curriculum programmes for the Foundation Subjects with a broad range of inter-linked resources. 

  • Support teachers and pupils with a bank of knowledge-rich resources including CPD videos, teaching powerpoints, and assessments linked to progression frameworks. 

  • Download FREE Starter Packs with resources to help your school teach and plan their Foundation Subjects Curriculums. 

  • Try out resources with your pupils using samples and see how simple they are to use and how much time you can save. 

  • View mapping grids to learn how you can use Rising Stars resources to teach using a cross-curricular approach.

Take a look inside our Foundation Subjects brochure

Take a look inside our Foundation Subjects brochure

And view print and digital resources for Humanities, Science, PE and Languages

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FREE Progression Frameworks

Identify gaps in knowledge and save time planning lessons with FREE Progression Frameworks


FREE Curriculum Mapping

See how our resources can be used to link up the Foundation Subjects and teach them all together

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Take a look at our Franklin Watts & Wayland list

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Digital Resilience Lesson (Yr6)
Switched on Computing Year 6 Second Edition sample
Science Year 5 Topic 1: Out of this world - Space activities
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