About the Read in to Writing Macbeth unit:

  • Suggested year group: Year 6

  • Length of unit: 6 weeks/30 sessions

  • Themes and topics: Poetry, psychology, ambition, power, loyalty, guilt and innocence, fate, the supernatural, reality

  • Writing outcomes: Story opening, internal monologues, heath descriptions, soliloquies, a persuasive speech, defence or prosecution statements, and a closing statement

About Macbeth by William Shakespeare: 

Macbeth, a brave warrior, is fatally impelled by supernatural forces, by his proud wife, and by his own burgeoning ambition. As he embarks on his murderous course to gain and retain the crown of Scotland, we see the appalling emotional and psychological effects on both Lady Macbeth and himself. The cruel ironies of their destiny are conveyed in poetry of unsurpassed power.

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Complete unit includes downloadable and editable planning and teaching resources (pupil activity sheets, PowerPoint slides, text extracts, original illustrations) and moderation guidance.

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Unit Overview

Overview grid provides information on themes and topics, writing outcomes, curriculum coverage and week-by-week planning.

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