About the Read in to Writing The Rocket and All Summer in a Day unit: 

Suggested year group: Year 5

Length of unit: 6 weeks/30 sessions

Themes and topics: Space and the Solar System, the Apollo 11 moon landing, colonisation, family and
parenting, responsibility, bullying, the impact of technology, society

Writing outcomes: An internal monologue, writing in the style of the author, free writing using language prompts, a soliloquy, evaluations and redrafts

About The Rocket and All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury:

The Rocket is about Fiorello Bodoni, a father who dreams of taking his family into space. However, only the rich can afford to go to space, and Bodoni’s family is poor. Can Bodoni turn his dreams into reality?

All Summer in a Day about a school on Venus, where the children only experience sunlight once every seven years. But as the anticipation builds, a child called Margot is bullied because she alone can remember the sun from back on Earth.

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Complete unit includes downloadable and editable planning and teaching resources (pupil activity sheets, PowerPoint slides, complete text and text extracts) and moderation guidance.

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Unit Overview

Overview grid provides information on themes and topics, writing outcomes, curriculum coverage and week-by-week planning.

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