About Read in to Writing The Call of the Wild unit:

  • Suggested year group: Year 5

  • ​Length of unit: 7 weeks/35 sessions

  • Themes and topics: Alaska/Canada, the Klondike Gold Rush, Darwinism and survival of the fittest, teamwork, challenge, mastery, man vs nature, relationships

  • Writing outcomes: Reasoning and evidence, a fight scene, nonfiction writing and a presentation on dog sled teams, dialect, a narrative poem a monologue and a story

    About The Call of the Wild by Jack London:

    The biting cold and the aching silence of the far North become an unforgettable backdrop for Jack London’s vivid, rousing, superbly realistic wilderness adventure story featuring the author’s unique knowledge of the Yukon and the behaviour of humans and animals facing nature at its cruellest.

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Complete unit includes downloadable and editable planning and teaching resources (pupil activity sheets, PowerPoint slides, text extracts) and moderation guidance

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Unit Overview

Overview grid provides information on themes and topics, writing outcomes, curriculum coverage and week-by-week planning

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