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Read in to Writing adopts a deliberately slow and deep method of teaching reading and writing and recognises the time it takes time to build knowledge, understanding and skills. The units are divided into two-, three- and six-week blocks so there is the time and space to enjoy texts and get inside them.

The resources excel because they enable children to make meaning from more complex texts and comprehend on different levels, with plot, character, language and structure studied in detail. This, therefore, builds empathy and helps children make connections with the characters in the text and draw on their own real-life experiences.

The resources give children valuable opportunities to think aloud, philosophise, debate, reason and argue. Using quality texts and whole book immersion enhances teaching and learning. Read in to Writing is perfect for modelling metacognitive reading comprehension strategies through guided oral reading and for writing composition strategies that are drawn organically from the books. Teaching books in English through quality children’s literature, backed up by detailed planning and resources, is a win-win. Read in to Writing looks destined to awaken a passion and proficiency for reading and writing.

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Read in to Writing
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