Case Studies and Testimonials

Fairlop Primary School, Ilford

"The engagement of the class with these texts was outstanding" - Hear from Ian King, Year 5 teacher at Fairlop Primary School in Ilford, on why he chose digital unit Short Stories: Space from Read in to Writing and how it has developed pupils’ writing, punctuation, vocabulary, empathy and much more!

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All Saints Benhilton C of E Primary School, Sutton

It has children pushing themselves to better understand the writing as a whole as well as find deeper meaning within the reading which they might not be able to do on their own.

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Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn - (Reception)

It created an interest in reading and writing. The children responded to activities with interest and excitement.

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Griffin Park Primary, Blackburn (Year 1)

The children are able to get fully immersed in it and have a greater understanding of the text and they love to see what happens at the end.

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Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn - (Year 2)

There was a high engagement level with the book and they really wanted to know what would happen next in the story and in the sequels to the book.

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Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn (Year 3)

They could answer comprehension questions more accurately because we had studied the text so in-depth. The greater-depth children could answer everything about it!

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Teach Primary magazine

Read in to Writing looks destined to awaken a passion and proficiency for reading and writing.

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Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn (Year 4)

The children enjoyed the book and would talk about it. They also liked to read ahead to a degree during quiet reading sessions. The book choice itself was well received as they liked her style.

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Griffin Park Primary School, Blackburn (Year 5)

In Year 5 especially, the progression we’ve seen during the unit is noticeable. The passion it has created has given some children a real desire to carry on reading and exploring ideas on what happens next.

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