RitW - Year 1 - Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak: Boost

Rising Stars Read in to Writing
Publication date: 05/06/2023
ISBN: 9781398386327

Achieve high-quality reading and writing from Reception to Year 6. This online series will raise English attainment and transform your teaching of whole texts as you explore classic and contemporary literature.

What's Included?

Unlimited access to the downloadable and editable Word docs and PPTs from Read in to Writing: Where the Wild Things Are hosted in Boost, a next-generation interactive online learning platform. Your school requires just 1 purchase to get access for all teachers and learners.

Please note that the accompanying reading books are not included in this unit and must be purchased separately via Hodder Education or your chosen supplier.

Inside Read in to Writing:

  • A complete suite of materials that provides schools with a reading rich curriculum for quality first teaching of English, from Reception to Year 6.

  • Carefully selected books that give children a breadth of reading experience, including exploration of themes, philosophical questions, context and children’s own experiences.

  • Delivery of the entire National Curriculum for English, with key objectives for spoken language, reading, grammar and writing identified on the overview and each session.

  • Detailed session plans which develop teachers’ subject knowledge of English through immersing them in an approach that makes clear how reading and writing are inextricably linked.

  • Clear progression within each year and across years, from Reception to the end of year 6, helping to avoid any dips in expectation or outcomes across the primary phase.

  • Assessment is built in – ‘test-style’ questions and opportunities for children to prepare for the test are embedded within the sessions, and for writing, the ‘Pupil can’ statements from the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 TAFs are explicitly taught.

  • Each unit contains a unit overview, editable course planners, detailed session plans, with accompanying teaching slides and a wealth of editable pupil resources.

To access your resources, log in at boost-learning.com.

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