On Track English

Ensure all pupils are on track to meet expectations in English at Key Stage 1 and 2

On Track English pack
On Track English is designed to boost English skills and support and motivate struggling and less confident pupils. This new intervention programme helps schools boost attainment in reading comprehension, writing and grammar. The easy-to-use diagnostic tools help teachers to easily identify areas of weakness and quickly implement effective intervention sessions to get pupils back on track. 



  • Pinpoint areas of weakness with straightforward diagnostic tools
  • Implement effective, targeted interventions with pick-up and use resources perfect for TAs
  • Track progress with assessment guidance and tracking grids
  • Demonstrate impact for Ofsted easily 

How to use On Track English

Step 1: 
Teachers observe and identify pupils in need of extra support

Step 2
Diagnostic guidance helps identify specific weaknesses

Step 3:
Targeted activities and easy-to-follow teaching notes help TAs to tackle weaknesses in small group sessions

Step 4:
Assess what each child in the group is able to do independently and identify the next steps for their learning

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