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Grammar & Punctuation

grammar and punctuation
Rising Stars publishes a range of resources to help with grammar and punctuation teaching - from revision and assessment resources, to colourful pupil books and interactive activities. 

  • Model and practise concepts in a memorable way through the online interactive activities
  • Reliably assess, track and predict pupil progress with standardised termly tests
  • Cover all the technical content needed with high-quality Teacher's Guides

Hear from a school that's benefited from our grammar and punctuation resources:

"With the grammar curriculum, it can be hard to find the evidence of whether a pupil is meeting a specific statement in their writing and the extent to which this has been achieved independently. In the GAPS test, it’s clear cut, and it’s easy to see what they can and can’t do.”

                                                                                         - GAPS testimonial from High Street Primary School​

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We are proud to work with leading primary English experts, drawing on the latest research into how children learn, to develop supportive teaching and learning resources to help all schools deliver an exciting and effective English curriculum.

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