Reading Comprehension Tests

Rising Stars Reading Comprehension Tests provides a set of comprehension tasks for each year using age-appropriate texts and national-test style questions. There are 6 tests per term, each covering two or three assessable elements that can be used to practise a particular skill, or identify gaps in knowledge. 



Reading Comprehension Tests will help to:

  • Prepare children for the more demanding national tests in reading
  • Save you time with age-appropriate texts and test-style questions at your fingertips
  • Expose children to a variety of genres in line with the national curriculum
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your class



What's included?

New Curriculum Reading Comprehension Tests is made up of 6 Teacher’s Guides covering Years 1-6.
Each pack contains:

  • A photocopiable Teacher’s Book containing 6 tests per term 
  • Teacher guidance on the assessable elements featured in each test
  • Permanent whole school access to content online via My Rising Stars

Texts include:

The Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter - in Year 1
Harry and the Horse by Sue Graves - in Year 1
Prince Cinders by Babette Cole - in Year 2
Olympic Games by Siobhan Skeffington - in Year 2
Africa's Big Three by Jonathan and Angela Scott - in Year 3
The Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith - in Year 3
The Tear Thief by Carol Ann Duffy - in Year 4
Breaking the Time Banner by Geraldine McCaughrean - in Year 5
The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo - in Year 5
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - in Year 5
Global Warming: an extract from Fragile Earth by Claire Llewellyn - in Year 6
The Eagle by Alfred, Lord Tennyson  - in Year 6

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