Ready, Check, Go

In as little as 30 minutes at the start of the academic year, identify your Year 2-6 pupils' understanding of core maths building blocks. This interactive diagnostic knowledge checker instantly pinpoints pupils who need extra support so that you can get them up to speed with the non-negotiables before moving on with the curriculum. Developed in line with the Ready to Progress criteria.

  • Embedded messages of encouragement to keep your pupils motivated and engaged as they progress through the questions.

  • Automated marking of these digital tests provides immediate access to colour-coded reports that break down which core knowledge areas need revisiting.

  • Unlock targeted interventions for individuals and groups with Shine Maths.

1 test credit = 1 termly test
£1.65 per test credit

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How does Ready, Check, Go work?

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Assessment map

Explore the content covered in Ready, Check, Go across each year group.

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Identify pupils who require 'substantial', 'some' and 'no' further support. Segment groups of children according to the Ready to Progress criteria and National Curriculum content domains. Identify the three criteria least understood by your class. See average class scores for each criteria and total scores for each pupil.

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Overview of an individual pupil's performance broken down by strands and criteria within strands. View a summary of non-negotiables that need revisiting before teaching progresses.

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A version of the 'Individual Report', designed to be shared with parents/guardians. Strengths and areas in need of revisiting are explained in an easy-to-understand way. Contains space for you to add comments.

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Ready, Check, Go walk-through

Please note, the visuals in this video are not final and have been designed to provide you with a walk-through of how Ready, Check, Go will work. They are for demonstration purposes only and will be developed on ahead of publication.

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Access targeted learning sequences to address the knowledge gaps identified using Ready, Check, Go.

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