Gain valuable insight into your students’ reading ability with ART; a wide-ranging, standardised and flexible assessment for pupils aged between 7 and 20.

  • Confidently assess progress in reading at regular intervals using parallel forms (two sets of forms) designed for repeat testing

  • Easily identify specific areas that may be limiting a pupil’s overall success and plan relevant and targeted intervention strategies to boost or stretch skills

  • ​Gain valid and reliable data to help build a picture of a pupil’s normal way of working and provide as evidence in Part 1, Form A on the JCQ Form for requesting access arrangements

Whether you’re using as a screening test to better understand where each pupil in a cohort sits against a national average, or to identify children with Special Educational Needs, ART is available in paper and digital format, and comes with free online reporting for both, so you can analyse results in an easy and digestible format.


Upper Primary/Lower Secondary:
 Form A or B (first test) and Form A or B (second test)
Secondary/Adulthood: Form C or D (first test) and Form C or D (second test)

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ART Brochure

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