Improve KS2 pupils' positivity, self-efficacy, motivation and resilience at school

Developed in partnership with Coventry University and Nottingham Trent University and trialled on a nationally representative sample of over 3,800 pupils, Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning: Survey and Strategies offers an evidence-based approach to improving wellbeing and academic attainment.

  • Online survey to assess all KS2 pupils in less than 20-minutes

  • 30+ follow-up strategies for year groups, classes and individuals

  • Instant online reports for whole-KS2, class and individuals to monitor progress

  • Re-assess pupils throughout the year to demonstrate the impact of selected strategies

How does Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning work?

See the 4 easy steps to help improve your pupils' wellbeing and attitudes to learning

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What does Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning assess?

The Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning survey helps to assess 4 areas of pupil wellbeing and gives schools ideas and strategies for improving these areas:

See Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning in action

See how quick and easy it is to generate different reports once your pupils have taken the Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning survey.

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Sample strategy: Introducing Wellbeing
Sample strategy: Self-efficacy
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