What does Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning: Survey and Strategies assess?

Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning is a profiling tool to enable teachers to better support the wellbeing and academic development of their pupils by helping schools to assess where their pupils are at in relation to four key areas of pupil wellbeing:

  • Positivity

  • Self-efficacy

  • Motivation

  • Resilience and persistence

How does Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning work?

1. Pupils complete the survey

Pupils answer 41 multiple-choice questions about how they feel about school and their learning (this takes no longer than 20 minutes). All KS2 pupils take the same survey.

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‚Äč2. Generate instant online reports

Once pupils have completed the survey, their results are instant available. Pupil's answers are indicated by a traffic light system to help identify areas of strength and concern.

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3. Implement follow-up strategies

30+ evidence-based follow up strategies for individuals, classes and whole year groups are provided. The strategies offer a broad range of approached for teachers to implement.

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4. Monitor progress over time

The survey can be retaken to help monitor pupil wellbeing throughout the year. Results can be compared side by side to demonstrate the impact of selected strategies.

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Watch a video guide

This video walkthough guides you through assigning the survey, generating reports and using the follow-on strategies with your class.

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