Welcome to Rocket Phonics, a DfE approved phonics programme aligned to Letters and Sounds by expert Abigail Steel. We approach phonics differently to ensure every child keeps up and doesn't need to catch up. 

  • Steady pace and progression of two letter-sounds per week (rather than the usual four) so that knowledge and skills are embedded from the start

  • Whole-class mastery style teaching to ensure no child is left behind

  • Teaching through original illustrated stories to develop phonics skills and a love of reading

  • Consistent daily practice of reading and writing to gradually build children’s confidence

  • Flexible yet structured teaching materials that can be adapted to suit the needs of every class

NEW! Rocket Phonics Online has now launched in the Boost interactive online learning platform! More on Boost here.



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Out now...NEW Target Practice Readers

Out now...NEW Target Practice Readers

48 fully decodable reading books series edited by Rocket Phonics author Abigail Steel.

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The Rocket Phonics programme resources

Available now, Rocket Phonics for ages 4-6 is a DfE validated SSP programme that ensures every child keeps up and not catches up in phonics. 

The blend of print and online resources includes: 

  • Rocket Phonics Online 1-year subscription hosted in the Boost interactive online platform. Everything in digital format plus additional resources: 6 teaching storybooks with audio and games for teaching new grapheme-phoneme correspondences, downloadable Teacher's Guides (with time-saving weekly and daily lesson plans, tracking and assessments), sounds mats and friezes for classroom display and CPD videos featuring author and phonics expert Abigail Steel. £350+VAT per year.

  • 140 A5 ready-to-go Flashcards for introducing and revising the target letter-sounds. £22+VAT per set (70 cards per set).

  • 96 fully-decodable and aligned Target Practice reading books for focused decoding practice. £89-£106 per pack (24 books per pack). 

  • 132 additional fully-decodable reading books for additional reading practice across Reception and Year 1. £24-£489 per pack. 

  • 6 termly Pupil Practice Booklets for daily practice and application of learning. £30 for 10-copy pack and £80 for 30-copy pack. 

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Our follow-on programme will take children forward by consolidating phonics and developing key literacy skills for ages 6-7.

The blend of print and online resources includes:

  • Rocket Phonics Online: Next Steps 1-year subscriptionhosted in the Boost interactive online platform with 3 teaching storybooks with games, interactive flashcards, downloadable Teacher's Guide (with time-saving daily and weekly lesson plans, tracking and assessments) and classroom materials, 72 Comet Street Kids and Galaxy eBooks and CPD videos featuring author and phonics expert Abigail Steel.  £180+VAT per year.

  • Half-termly Pupil Practice Booklets for daily practice and application of learning . £30 for 10-copy pack and £80 for 30-copy pack. 

  • 72 Reading Planet Comet Street Kids and Galaxy books as Practice Readers for independent, guided and whole-class reading. £220 per pack (36 books per pack).

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Led by Abigail Steel Training, we provide a range of 2 and 4-hour CPD courses that can be delivered online or in person. Our recommendation is that every school completes a minimum of 1-day of CPD training to ensure that get the most from the programme. 

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What's included with Rocket Phonics
Structured yet flexible teaching guidance
Empower teachers to deliver phonics according to their pupils’ needs
Comprehensive and ready-to-go resources
Get started straightaway with flashcards, fully-decodable books and pupil booklets
Timesaving daily and weekly lesson plans
We aim to protect workload and support teachers at all levels
Innovative online Big Books
Teach phonics in context with original illustrated stories featuring click-to-play sounds and synchronised audio
Affordable CPD led by a team of phonics specialists
Ensure your school gets the most from the programme with our flexible CPD
Fully-decodable reading books
Nurture reading for pleasure with 180 fiction and non-fiction books for flexible reading sessions.
Latest news, resources and useful stuff!
48 books covering Pink A to Orange bands.
Coming soon... NEW Target Practice Readers!
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Everything you need to know about the programme!
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Support parents as they start the Rocket Phonics journey
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Downloadable so teachers can use for their Rocket Phonics planning.
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A table which shows how Rocket Phonics aligns with criteria in the Handbook
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Read about the impact of Rocket Phonics in 5 primary schools
Wellspring Academy Trust Case Study
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High interest/low reading level books from Reading Planet Astro
Phonics support for Key Stage 2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Rocket Phonics provides all the planning and resources needed to deliver a complete SSP programme that will equip children for success in the Phonics Screening Check in Year 1, as well as meet or exceed the expectations of the National Curriculum for reading.

Yes.  As of July 2021, Rocket Phonics is a DfE validated systematic synthetic phonics programme.

Rocket Phonics is aligned with the progression of the original Letters and Sounds (2007). The programme follows the same teaching order of grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) but we recommend a steadier pace of two GPCs per week rather than four. Using Rocket Phonics, children in Reception will learn some Phase 5 GPCs in the second half of the summer term. Learn more in the Half Termly Expectations chart here

Rocket Phonics introduces these words gradually throughout the programme and are focused on in the Friday lessons. They are drawn from the tricky words suggested in Letters and Sounds (2007) and build up into a bank of words that are vital for children to know in order to meet or exceed expectations for reading. These words are regularly consolidated throughout the programme and are featured in the Flashcards and Friezes.

Yes, it does. Letter formation is included in the twice-weekly segmenting lessons as each grapheme is introduced. Capital letters are introduced in conjunction with lower-case letters so that these don’t have to be taught as an afterthought later on.

Yes! The 114 Rocket Phonics reading books published prior to the launch of the DfE validated Rocket Phonics programme (pre May 2021) are fully aligned with the new Rocket Phonics programme and can be introduced when all the GPCs in a colour band have been taught. We recommend using them for additional reading practice in school and home.

To deliver Rocket Phonics as a full SSP programme, we recommend that your school uses the print and online resources. The core print resources consist of 140 flashcards (available in 2 sets at £22 each), 96 Target Practice reading books (available in 4 packs at £89 and £106) and 6 Pupil Practice Booklets (available in packs of 10 at £30 and 30 at £80).  There are also 132 additional reading practice books available in packs from £24 - £489) The online 1-year subscription is £350+VAT per year for unlimited access to everything in digital format plus interactive Big Books, games, videos, downloadable Teacher's Guides and display materials. 

Yes, our CPD training is led by Abigail Steel Training with in-person and virtual options available. To get the most out of the programme, we recommend that schools complete a minimum of 1-day of CPD training. Learn more about our CPD here.

In summer 2022, we launched Rocket Phonics Next Steps for ages 6-7. This new ‘strand’ of the programme consolidates phonics (covering Letters and Sounds Phase 6) and develops key literacy skills ahead of the transition into upper primary. Learn more here.

Rocket Phonics has been created for Reception and Year 1 pupils so the content may feel too young for Key Stage 2 pupils. However, the Pupil Practice Booklets and Flashcards could work as part of a group intervention session to revisit and practise sounds.

Reading Planet has just launched Astro which is a new strand specifically for struggling and reluctant readers in Key Stage 2. It includes 24 highly decodable books aligned to the same progression as Rocket Phonics so they’re ideal for pupils who haven’t yet mastered aspects of phonics and need to improve their fluency. These books are dual-banded combining lower reading levels with age-appropriate interest levels so the content will be more suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils.  Learn more here.


Yes! Our team of local Sales Consultants are based across the country and are happy to help with information, advice and orders. They are available to discuss options for your school by phone, email and video call. Make an enquiry here.

Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Abigail Steel is an education consultant, trainer and author specialising in English language and literacy. After spending two decades working closely with hundreds of schools and teachers in the UK and across the globe, Abigail knows what truly drives positive outcomes for children. Often described as inspirational, her approaches to the pedagogies behind teaching and learning are both practical and insightful. Follow Abigail on Twitter @abigail_steel.

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