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Meet Rav, Tess, Asha, Stefan and Finn! Reading Planet Comet Street Kids is an action-packed character series written by children’s authors Adam and Charlotte Guillain. Young readers will get hooked on reading as they embark on a different adventure in every book.                                                                                                 


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Inspire a love of reading with action-packed adventure stories:

  • 144 highly-decodable fiction books covering Pink A to White bands. Books include Mission on Mars, Dinosaur Danger and The Roman Slave

  • Topics covered include space, the environment, Ancient Rome, historical figures and school life

  • Packs from £47

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Comet Street Kids books are available in digital format in Reading Planet Online Lilac- White. A 1-year subscription for £499+VAT includes:

  • 144 highly decodable Comet Street Kids reading books as interactive eBooks with audio and self-marking quizzes.

  • Downloadable Teacher’s Guides with guidance and pupil worksheets for every book

Your subscription also includes Reading Planet’s Lift-off, Rocket Phonics (132 additional reading practice books only) and Galaxy strands in digital format. So, you'll get access to 498 eBooks in total!  Plus, useful teacher mark-up tools and the Reporting Tool to track progress and attainment.

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Comet Street Kids Overview

Comet Street Kids Overview

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Meet the Authors

Meet the Authors

Adam and Charlotte Guillain are the creators of many best-selling children’s books. Their stories are published in many languages and often pop up in places like the CBeebies Bedtime Hour! They perform at major UK literary festivals and regularly give virtual performances and talks on writing and creativity online to audiences all over the world. Adam also co-founded Storytelling Schools, an international organisation dedicated to training teachers in oracy, literacy and creativity.

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