SOICT St Aidens Primary School

As with the scheme for the rest of Primary, there are thoroughly written plans that give you an appropriately pitched set of activities, along with the flexibility to slot the units into your curriculum. Activities are not just based on computers either and they take into account the full breadth of electronic devices and peripherals you would hope to find in a setting. The software mentioned is that which many schools have already got, such as 2Paint a Picture, Powerpoint or Tizzy’s Tools, though the inclusion of appropriate iPad apps like Beebot brings this scheme right up to date.

I also really liked all the posters that the pack has, these depict children and technology and can also be found on the accompanying CD-ROM, so teachers could show them on their whiteboards. Alongside the plans, posters and PDFs, you will also find a whole host of digital resources and tutorials for software, which may well be new to some teachers. I think they have thought of it all with this package and the response from colleagues I have introduced it to has been universally positive and welcoming.

Well done to the team behind this scheme of work, it should help to raise the expectations for these younger learners, whilst also enabling them to experience a wide diet of ICT experiences.
Anthony Evans St Aiden’s Primary School Redbridge
Switched on ICT in the Early Years
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