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What's new for Switched on Computing 3rd edition?

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Contents List

What's New?

Book 1

Unit 1.3: We are digital artists
Creating work inspired by great artists

Unit 1.5: We are rhythmic
Creating sound patterns

Unit 1.6: We are detectives
Using data to solve clues


Book 2

Unit 2.5: We are

Creating a stop motion animation


Book 3

Unit 3.4 We are who we are
Creating media about ourselves, and thinking about who we can share it with
Unit 3.3 We are green screen presenters
Videoing performance using green screen


Book 4


Unit 4.2 We are makers
Coding for the micro:bit


Book 5


Unit 5.5 We are adventure gamers
Creating an interactive adventure

Unit 5.6 We are VR designers
Learning about Virtual Reality


Book 6

Unit 6.1 We are toy makers
Coding using Micro:bit
Unit 6.6 We are AI developers
Learning about machine learning


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