Felmore PrimarySchool - why we upgraded from Switched on ICT to Switched on Computing

Laura Townsend is Computing Lead at Felmore Primary School. She explains below why her school upgraded from Switched on ICT to Switched on Computing!

We have been using Switched on Computing since September 2014 and decided to upgrade from Switched on ICT to fit on line with the new National Curriculum and ensure our children were accessing high-quality computing lessons.

We have found the Switched on Computing units to be more up-to-date and engaging and they offer a broader coverage of computing skills. There is a strong emphasis on eSafety which is a continuous theme throughout each unit and year group. This gives children opportunities to reflect and question their online learning.

Switched on Computing meets the national curriculum objectives for each specific year group and gives the opportunity for progression as they move throughout the school.

The Switched on Computing units have engaged our learners and has given them the opportunity to develop different skills. For example in Year one, we completed most of the units on iPads but have also had the opportunity to work on the laptops and in the computer suite. Children have had the chance to learn about new apps which enhance their learning as well as securing computer skills.

The units are easily matched to our cross curricular learning which ensures computing isn’t only seen as a ‘stand-alone’ subject.

We really recommend Switched on Computing as it covers the new computing curriculum and children are given the opportunity to learn, develop and secure lifelong skills.
Laura Townsend, Computing Lead
Switched On Computing
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