Salisbury Road School

We have found the scheme to be extremely comprehensive in delivering a challenging set of progressive skills throughout the whole school.

The software suggested has proven to be easy to use while introducing the children to ‘real world’ software. All programs used have been easy to manage, maintain and upgrade with opportunities to upgrade and build upon year after year. Staff, have found the units of work exciting to teach and while some units have challenged their subject knowledge they have been successful in using the tutorials include with the scheme to ensure the quality delivery of each unit.

As a scheme, we feel the units covered meet the needs of our pupils while providing the opportunity to introduce new technologies while embracing the ever changing nature of computing. The scheme is flexible in its approach so as and when teachers feel confident teaching the skills they are able to adapt the lesson plans to enhance cross curricular topics.

“I would highly recommend this scheme to any school as it provides a solid platform from which to deliver a truly exciting and engaging curriculum.” Mrs Foster (Assistant Headteacher / ICT leader)

“Finally an ICT curriculum that challenges and excites our pupils, highly recommended” Mr Brook, Year 4 Teacher “The Kids Love it, and I love teaching it.” Mr Tucker, Year 3 Teacher

“The children really look forward to using the computers each week and are being challenged by the new curriculum” Mr West, Year 1 Teacher

“The children enjoy the lessons and it’s adaptable to meet the needs of all learners.” Mrs Benton, Year 2 Teacher

“It’s like no other scheme I’ve seen, while creating children who are ready to meet technology head-on.” Miss Bowden, Year 3 Teacher

"It is amazing. I really enjoyed being a meteorologist!" Harrison, Year 4 Pupil

"I enjoy using Scratch to make games” Isabelle, Year 4 pupil

“I really liked doing everything.” Chloe, Year 3 pupil

“I really liked doing scratch because I put a wizard hat on the cat and he made the witch disappear!” Cody, Year 3 pupil
Mrs Foster, Assistant Headteacher / ICT Leader
Switched On Computing
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