Thomas A Becket Middle School

For a start [Switched on Computing] covers the whole spectrum of computing, not just coding and programming. Everything is broken into manageable steps. Teachers can see the end goal but don’t have to do everything in one lesson. Switched on Computing offers training videos as part of the resources and many of the teachers have used them with the children too. This means that the process of learning new skills is a collaborative, shared experience. There is built in progression so teachers and subject leads can rest assured that children are receiving all the information they need in the subject much more easily. The programme flows organically and smoothly, making teaching a more enjoyable experience. Confidence in teaching computing is building and has improved throughout the year, partly thanks to Switched on Computing. Teachers are seeing the results and getting good outcomes from pupils proves that the work being put into the subject is worthwhile.
Ben Cornford, ICT and E-learning leader at Thomas A Becket Middle School, West Sussex
Switched On Computing
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