Riverside Primary School's first impression of Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning

How do you anticipate the survey and strategies will benefit your school? ​
The survey will be a very quick way of providing us with a snapshot of the children's perceptions of their own wellbeing. The summary page is very visual so teachers can quickly identify areas that can be worked on as a class. Crucially for us, the system then provides activities, resources and ideas to help address and improves the identified area. 

How easy is it to navigate around the site? ​
Very easy. 

What would you say the benefits are of this tool having been trialled with over 1000 children?  And is the fact that this kind of trialling has been done important to you when considering purchasing/using such a product? 
​To know that teachers on the ground have had an input into the product and that real children have trialled are both important; school budgets are stretched and so we can't afford to waste money on a product that hasn't been tested in the real world. It's also important to know that the inevitable snags of a brand new system have been been found and resolved before a product goes live. 

Do you anticipate using the strategies advised in the tool? ​

Do you anticipate using, or have you used the survey, for all children? (If you have already done so, has the survey proved useful in highlighting children’s concerns, and do you have anything in particular to share about this? E.g. Did the survey highlight anything that may not have otherwise been picked up at this stage, or confirm any concerns?)​
We are currently trialling in school across 160 pupils in Y3 and Y5 as we would like to roll it out whole class. In most cases, the screening highlighted areas that the teacher's predicted (which are different for the different classes), however some individual pupil results have surprised teachers.

Do you anticipate using the survey again at a later stage to measure impact of any strategies put in place? 
​Yes - at the moment we are deciding between two and three times - I think I might ask some classes to screen again in the spring term and summer term, and others just to screen in the summer term & we will get feedback from teachers. 

Clare Willcocks (Deputy Headteacher), Riverside Primary School, Plymouth
Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning: Survey and Strategies
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