Profile more specific learning needs than any other single SEN tool

SNAP-SpLD is an online diagnostic assessment to identify likely special educational needs (SENs) or specific learning needs (SpLDs) in pupils aged 4-16.

   •   Three online questionnaires help to identify strengths and weaknesses
   •   Eight diagnostic probes provide additional quantitative evidence about the pupil and his/her abilities
   •   Generate reports and suggested strategies involving both home and school
   •   Reassess pupils and track pupil progress in one report to monitor the impact of interventions

20 factors profiled in SNAP-SpLD

Processing speed
Reading (dyslexia)
Phonological skills
Spelling (dyslexia)
Auditory processing

Auditory working memory
Visual working memory
Expressive and receptive
Social communication
Sensory processing
Gross motor coordination skills

Academic self-esteem
Social self-esteem
Dysgraphic and hand-eye
coordinator skills
Visual comfort and control
Maths and number
Self-monitoring and

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