New digital diagnostic tool to identify specific barriers to maths learning

SNAP Maths is a brand-new digital assessment allowing you to assess pupils with suspected maths learning difficulties/dyscalculia and maths anxiety, to provide support through targeted interventions.

  • Assess - Identify pupils who are showing signs of maths learning difficulties/dyscalculia through 10 on-screen activities and three questionnaires (Pupil, Parent/Carer and Teacher).
  • Plan - Generate a Core Profile and a Questionnaire Profile of a pupil's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Do - Assign Fluency Boosters (short on-screen practice sessions) and/or choose from a large bank of tailored school strategies.
  • Review - Monitor progress, including attitudes and emotional response to maths, by re-assigning the questionnaires, or track progress using the Fluency Booster graphs, if assigned.



What does SNAP Maths assess?


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About the authors

Judy Hornigold

Judy is an independent education consultant specialising in dyslexia and dyscalculia and an Associate Tutor for the BDA and Edge Hill University. Judy is a primary-trained teacher and a qualified specialist teacher of dyslexia. She’s written two books of ready-made lessons for learners with dyscalculia.

Charles Weedon

Charles taught maths and English before focussing on learning difficulties and supporting special needs. His Master’s and Doctoral degrees explored the nature of learning difficulties, and he has been an Honorary Fellow at Edinburgh University and a Visiting Scholar at Stirling.  He is a registered Practitioner Educational Psychologist, and his published work has focussed upon understanding and assessing learning difficulties.

Jonathan Weedon

Jonathan has over ten years of experience as a primary educator and has a particular interest in the use of Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approaches to support learning in maths, and in the use of digital technology to enhance learning.

Alongside co-authoring SNAP Maths, he is currently working as a Numeracy Development Lead for his Local Authority in Midlothian, focusing on curriculum development, and supporting teachers and schools to implement evidence-based pedagogical approaches to teaching maths.



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