Profile 17 social, emotional and behavioural needs

SNAP-B is an online diagnostic assessment that profiles 17 SEBDs which without identification may limit a pupil's potential to learn.

   •   Three online questionnaires help to identify strengths and weaknesses
   •   Generate reports and suggested strategies involving both home and school
   •   Reassess pupils and track pupil progress in one report to monitor the impact of interventions

Profile 17 factors across 3 domains

Relationships with self
Explosive anger
Implosive anger
Academic self-esteem
Social self-esteem
Relationship with self

Relationships with other children
Friendship deficit
Instrumental aggression
Attention-seeking from peers
Being hurtful towards peers
Relationships with other children
at home

Relationships with adults
Attention-seeking from
Defiance towards adults
Over-dependence on adults
Being hurtful towards adults
Relationships with adults
at home

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