Endeavour Academy compare the old and new editions of SNAP-B

Why do you use SNAP-B in your school?

SNAP-B helps us to triangulate information from Students, Parents and School staff to provide data and highlight areas which may have significant impacts on engagement and provide strategies for parents and interventions for teachers. We also use it to assist with devising School Support Plans and writing reports for further assessment.  The tool also allows us to reassess, so after targeted intervention, progress can be monitored and evidenced in a visual report which allows us to show the impact of the work we have carried out on improving student wellbeing. 

How does the new edition of SNAP-B differ from the previous edition?

The latest version of SNAP-B offers improved access.  The reports have a slightly different layout from previous versions as the tool is now internet based which enables users to access it from their own workstations via online login.  The report enables the user to clearly see strengths and weaknesses highlighted to show if these are embedded in the area of relationships with self, adults or others directing them to appropriate strategies which can be implemented to reduce anxieties and incidents of implosive anger.

What are the best features of the new edition of SNAP-B?

  • Highlights strengths of the child whereas the previous version just collated issues the child was facing.

  • Highlights areas in need of development, allowing for resilience programmes of learning to be designed to target and support.

  • Clearly evidences improvements which is beneficial in showing the value of resilience programmes of learning and can support with students who have been excluded and are hoping to re-engage in mainstream settings.

  • Useful tool to aid School Support Plans and to provide information for further assessments.

  • Provides strategies for teachers, parents and students. 

  • Helps to understand the barriers impacting on learning, highlighting the problem is the problem, not the child/young person and is a useful tool for staff CPD on understanding and supporting Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues. 

  • Allows students a voice to put forward what they feel is going wrong, but also clearly indicates strengths.  Also, the questions are now worded better as they include the option of normal for a child of this age. 

  • Personal Development, once a school has recognised the issues creating the barrier to learning, CPD, behaviour policies and whole school approaches can be strengthened with SNAP-B re-assessment allowing the school to evidence the impact and consistency of the work they have carried out on promoting wellbeing and the positive impact interventions have had on an area which is usually difficult to evidence.

Kerrie Wheelan, Head of Endeavour Academy
SNAP (Special Needs Assessment Profile)
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