Standardised Primary Assessments for Scotland

Tailored the Curriculum for Excellence

Reliably benchmark pupil performance and compare against standardisation averages with our range of rigorously standardised primary assessments for maths, reading, and GPS. Plus, gain free access to our powerful online platform MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit).

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PiRA for Scotland

Progress in Reading Assessments. Available in paper format. Standardised on over 10,000 UK pupils.

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PUMA for Scotland

Progress in Mathematics Assessments. Available in paper and auto-marked online format. Standardised on over UK 10,000 pupils.

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Also available: GAPS Assessments

Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

(New edition coming September 2024)


Available in paper and auto-marked online format. Benchmark performance and track pupil progress in GPS.

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FREE access to MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit)


Unlock your data with free Gap Analysis, Progress Reports, Performance Reports and more!

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