Snarestone Primary School

Chosen combination: PiRA + PUMA + MARK + Shine Reading Skills and Shine Maths


Snarestone Primary School are a small rural primary school with 74 pupils on roll. They assess three times per year and use PiRA, PUMA, MARK and Shine to do so. They have mixed classes comprising of: Reception; Year1 - Year 2, Year 3 - Year 4 and Year 5 - Year 6. There are nine children on the SEN register, two of which require 1:1.

Their Headteacher was kind enough to answer the following questions for us.

How are you using PiRA, PUMA, MARK and Shine?
We assess maths and reading three times per year at the end of each school term using PiRA and PUMA. We then input results into MARK, which gives us an overview of what children have understood and any knowledge gaps they might have. Shine enables us to easily deliver targeted interventions based on the gaps identified.

Why did you choose these resources?
They are very easy to use and we find they work well for our small school.

What are the benefits of the resources?
Staff are now finding that after using them for more than three years, we are building up a good picture and tracking the children. The ease of use also cuts down on workload for the staff. What's more, Shine provides great lessons for booster and catch-up groups which LSAs find easy to follow and gets results!

Does Shine engage your learners? How?
Children seem to enjoy Shine lessons – they are pitched at their level and plug gaps in a very user-friendly way. Children and staff also like that they can clearly see a start and end point.

How effective has Shine been in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses?
Very effective – it gives a good breakdown of where strengths and weaknesses are, making it easier to plug or extend where necessary.

How have you used the resource to track progression and achievement?
We have termly pupil progress meetings once data has been inputted into MARK. We discuss each child individually and what next steps will be. The insights gained from using MARK enables whole school improvement

How have PiRA, PUMA, MARK and Shine helped to direct your teaching plans?
We find the combination of resources gives us a very clear picture of each child and helps us plan for next steps.

Closing thoughts

Would you recommend PiRA, PUMA, MARK and Shine to other schools?
Yes! The package is easy to use and gives (once you have a whole year under your belt) a good base of assessment rather than different platforms we have tried using in the past. We now have a uniform whole school assessment.

"The assessments save us time in analysing areas of strength and weakness."

"The measures and reports make it easy for us to track pupils’ progress from term to term."

"The assessments give us robust, detailed diagnostics to complement teacher judgement."

"The assessments have helped us to track progress and support pupils in a year of uncertainty."

The Headteacher
Shine: Targeted Interventions for Primary Reading, GPS and Maths
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