Meridian Community Primary School

July 2021
Commenting on recent use of NTS (National Test-style Standardised) Assessments, MARK (My Assessment Reporting Kit) and Shine

It has been our first year using NTS Assessments in Reading and Maths, and using MARK for data reporting – these are a great starting point for assessment and the forensic depth is really really good. We had been finding our previous assessments too cumbersome and didn’t match the content taught in school. We moved over to NTS Assessments because they match to White Rose and follow the scheme of work. Our local RS Assessment consultant, Katie Wilson, has been superb from day 1 – the service she has provided has been the reason we’re on board.

We really like the maths and reading ages in the NTS Assessments, as well as having the standardised scores, and the MARK reports have helped with the outside scrutiny we’ve been under because of our data. The reports are great (we’d also like the report to include the previous summer so we can see the baseline if that’s a possibility for future development).

Due to lockdown and then needing to follow a narrower, more focussed curriculum, some of the content hasn’t been taught, though, and the strand analysis in the reports showed that. Our children have ‘coped’ in reading and maths (although writing has been impacted more). We used our ‘catch-up’ funding to staff after-school booster classes with 6 children per group in years 3 to 6 once a week, plus 2 non-class teachers doing additional interventions once a week.

We all think very highly of the Shine Interventions in Reading and Maths. The Intervention reports from MARK made it really easy to identify the children for interventions at a glance. All teachers commented positively on the intervention resources being what they needed and children found the interventions engaging. The quizzes were useful for checking that pupils had understood what was being taught and confirmed that the pupils made progress in the interventions.

We would 100% recommend Shine to other schools. We just want more of it now – it would be great if more of the same could be produced in the same vein.

Matt Doody, Deputy Head
Shine: Targeted Interventions for Primary Reading, GPS and Maths
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