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Chosen combination: PiRA and PUMA + Shine Reading Skills and Shine Maths


The team at Griffin Park first used Shine Reading Skills and Shine Maths in the autumn term of 2020 after their pupils sat the PiRA and PUMA summer papers as a baseline in September 2020 (they had been unable to sit them in the summer due to school closures). Having uploaded their PiRA and PUMA scores to MARK (our free online assessment and reporting tool), Shine enabled them to pull targeted intervention reports at individual pupil and group level. By clicking on the links in these reports, they were taken to targeted reading and maths interventions needed for those groups who had not reached ‘expected’ in the required areas of learning. The reports highlighted the children they expected, as well as a few surprises in Year 6 after a difficult period of interrupted education.

The English and KS1 lead, KS2 lead/Year 6 teacher and deputy head/SENDCo have given the following feedback.

We delivered the learning sequences in different ways across different year groups. In KS1, we ran focused intervention groups after our normal maths lessons gfor 2-3 sessions in the week. In Year 6, we carried out the Shine interventions with the whole class but split into groups: it was felt that due to school closures, the interventions would benefit all the children in this class. Each group had a 30-minute session with the class teacher where they worked on the Shine Reading Skills practice text. The following day they’d do the more independent session supervised by the teaching assistant who would support and prompt where needed. In Year 5, the class teacher delivered Shine Maths interventions for the last 20 minutes of the lesson working with a group.

The ‘Prepare, Do, Review’ format of Shine worked well and saved us time. For the learning sequences, we found the teacher guidance clear and easy to follow. The lesson plans gave a good amount of detail and were great if handing over to a teaching assistant because they were able to run with it. In KS1, we sometimes used the resources on the laptop and sometimes on the whiteboard. The modelling software for Shine Reading Skills was definitely helpful – it’s very unique.

The children enjoyed the resources and the texts. They found the independent reading texts helpful in that they mirrored the guided practice text. The texts seemed to be pitched at the right level and we felt that the children definitely improved and their answers and discussion got better through the learning sequence.

Deputy head
Shine: Targeted Interventions for Primary Reading, GPS and Maths
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