Advanced reporting and tailored interventions to complement your use of our most popular assessments

Support your teacher judgement and supercharge your data analysis with real-time, individual, group and whole-school performance reports and tailored individual and group intervention activities designed to complement your use of our termly standardised assessment suites trusted by over 6,000 schools.

MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit)

  • Quickly analyse gaps in learning to inform targeted teaching.
  • Enter paper test scores into online marksheets or, if you’re using the auto-marked interactive versions of the tests, all results will feed through automatically.
  • Effortlessly generate reports for individuals, classes, schools and tailored groups to view and compare pupil progress and attainment. 
  • Easily download visual reports ideal for sharing with colleagues and parents.

MARK integrates seamlessly with our popular assessments for FREE



MARK Plus: Advanced whole-school analysis and reporting

  • Discover whole-school performance dashboards that enable you to make comparisons with similar schools nationally.
  • See the percentage and number of pupils in each performance indicator band.
  • Export dynamic and easy-to-understand graphs, data tables and tailored descriptions for school reports.
  • Filter according to subject, year group and class for deeper analysis and to help identify specific areas of focus.

Available for PiRA, PUMA, GAPS and NTS Assessments 


Shine: Targeted Interventions for Primary

  • 3-step solution to help you seamlessly and successfully assess, identify and deliver tailored individual and group intervention activities for the areas of weakness demonstrated in your pupils’ diagnostic test results.
  • Access tailored learning sequences for individual pupils and groups and measure understanding with quick quizzes.
  • Powered by PiRA, PUMA, NTS Assessments, GAPS and MARK.

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