How do I log in?
Visit www.risingstars-uk.com/user and log in to your My Rising Stars account. On your dashboard you will find a Rising Stars Assessment Bank icon, which you can click on to launch the site. You will then need to re-enter your My Rising Stars credentials to log in to the bank. If you are yet to create a My Rising Stars account, visit www.risingstars-uk.com/user/register, enter a few basic details and search for your school via the address. All the digital resources connected to products your school has purchased will then appear on your dashboard.

What can I use Rising Stars Assessment Bank for?
Rising Stars Assessment Bank has been created to support year-round assessment of your children, from single questions to kick start your lessons or bespoke test papers to assess learning at the end of a teaching period. Use the bank to generate:

  • Plenaries
  • Lesson starters
  • Whiteboard stimuli
  • Quizzes
  • Homework sheets
  • Summative tests

What questions are included in the bank? In the bank you will find:

  • 1000s of new curriculum assessment questions for maths, grammar, punctuation, spelling and science for Years 1-6
  • All the maths, grammar, punctuation and spelling questions from the Department for Education’s sample and final 2016 national test papers for Years 2 and 6
  • Ready-made tests to save you extra time

How were the questions in Assessment Bank created?
All questions in Rising Stars Assessment Bank were written by experienced primary curriculum and assessment practitioners and primary education experts who are experienced in new curriculum assessment and/or in developing KS1 and KS2 SATs. The questions were additionally reviewed by experts in test development and trialled and reviewed by a group of advisory schools. All questions have been quality-assured by Series Advisers Cornwall Learning (formally Cornwall Local Authority).

When will new questions and readymade tests be added to the bank?
We will be adding new questions and ready-made tests to the bank each term.

How long is my trial and what can I do in this time?
You can trial Rising Stars Assessment Bank free of charge for 30 days. During this time you will be able to try out the powerful search tools and browse all the questions available in the bank. You can add questions to build a bespoke test and export/print up to 3 papers in this time.

Can all teachers try out Rising Stars Assessment Bank during my trial?
Yes. Your trial is set up to enable all teachers in your school to access the site for free for 30 days; each teacher can access Rising Stars Assessment Bank through their own My Rising Stars accounts.

How does Rising Stars Assessment Bank improve on other test building sites available?
We asked a group of teachers why they thought Rising Stars Assessment Bank improved on other test building services available to schools. They told us:

  • All questions have been written for the new national curriculum, so you can assess with confidence
  • Questions draw on the correct vocabulary used in the national tests
  • When saved and printed, the tests look professional and the marking guidance is clear
  • You can easily filter by year, topic or Rising Stars Progression Frameworks, making it easy to find the question you need
  • New questions are added to the bank each term

Can I photocopy the tests?
For as long as you hold a subscription for Rising Stars Assessment Bank, you are licenced to photocopy any tests you create or the ready-made tests provided in the bank.

How do I order a subscription?
To place an order or to renew your subscription, please visit www.risingstars-uk.com/assessmentbank and select the subscription you are looking to purchase.

Can I build tests with questions from different subjects?
At this time, you are able to create an unlimited number of tests, with questions from the same subject. Your papers will therefore contain either maths, GPS or science questions.

How many teachers can access Rising Stars Assessment Bank at any one time?
There is no limit to the number of teachers that can access Assessment Bank at one time.

What is the maximum number of questions I can add to a test?
There is no limit to the number of questions you can add to a test.

Can I edit a test that I, or my colleagues, have saved in My Tests?
You can edit any test that you have saved and copy and edit a test shared with you by a colleague.

Can I edit a ready-made Rising Stars test?
You can edit ready-made Rising Stars tests by making a copy first and then editing it as you would like.

Will my subscription automatically renew? If not, will I lose the tests I have built if there is a break between subscriptions?
Your subscription will not automatically renew. If there is a break between subscriptions your tests will remain stored in your account to access when you resubscribe.

What browsers and devices can I use to access Assessment Bank?
You will get the best experience by using Assessment Bank with any of the browser and versions listed below:

Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 6.1+, Firefox 37+, Chrome 41+, iOS Safari 6.1+, Android Browser 4.4+

Please note that unless it is explicitly indicated, all pages will be responsive down to a window width of 1024px. You will still be able to view and use Assessment Bank on smaller devices, as long as you are using a browser from the supported list, but horizontal scrolling may be required.

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