PUMA and PiRA - research projects

PiRA and PUMA's termly assessments enable schools to accurately measure and predict pupil progress in Reading and Maths and benchmark their performance against national averages.

With three tests for each year group, the results provide reliable diagnostic information to support and guide effective teaching and learning and offer evidence of progress for parents and Ofsted.

The results from PiRA and PUMA are so reliable that they are being used by a number of national research projects to monitor progress and impact.

Current projects include:

  • Ark Academies are using PUMA to research the impact of their Maths Mastery programme

  • Education Endowment Foundation working with Coventry University are using PIRA to research the impact of Teaching Assistant small group based support for Literacy - find out more

  • Harris Primary Academies are using PIRA and PUMA to monitor progress across 16 schools in 2015/16 

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