New PUMA in comparison to the previous edition

• Standardised in 2019/20 on over 10,000 pupils

• Papers work alongside White Rose Maths and Maths Mastery, meaning that results reflect the curriculum pupils are being taught

• Increased number of marks in the Year 2 Spring and Summer papers enables fuller diagnostic profiling at the end of KS1

• Increased number of harder problem-solving questions and marks added to each KS2 test, resulting in a gradual increase in test demand

• Balanced tests each term, building on previous years’ curriculum in Autumn and Spring and ensuring all maths skills and strands are tested each time

• All papers are in full colour, making them engaging

• Revised question order, with arithmetic questions first, followed by number questions, then reasoning. This better reflects the national test structure and gives enhanced practice

• More space for answers provides more room for pupils when working out complex problems

• Comes with diagnostic profiling to inform teaching and learning

new puma timings

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