New PUMA in comparison to the current edition

Important information

As a result of school closures during the 2020 Summer term, we have unfortunately had to delay the release of some of the test outcomes and features of New PUMA, which we know will determine whether you opt to use the new edition or the current edition of the papers. Click here to view important updates

The current edition of PUMA (in both paper and online interactive format) is still available to purchase and will remain so until 31st July 2021.

We have received a number of questions from teachers about how our termly standardised test suites can be used outside of the recommended test windows to evaluate what pupils have learned, as well as understanding which areas they need more help with when they return to the classroom. Read FAQs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Assessment Consultant.


A full breakdown of what's new about New PUMA

• Standardised in 2019/20 on over 10,000 pupils

• Papers work alongside White Rose Maths and Maths Mastery, meaning that results reflect the curriculum pupils are being taught

• Increased number of marks in the Year 2 Spring and Summer papers enables fuller diagnostic profiling at the end of KS1

• Increased number of harder problem-solving questions and marks added to each KS2 test, resulting in a gradual increase in test demand

• Balanced tests each term, building on previous years’ curriculum in Autumn and Spring and ensuring all maths skills and strands are tested each time

• All papers are in full colour, making them engaging

• Revised question order, with arithmetic questions first, followed by number questions, then reasoning. This better reflects the national test structure and gives enhanced practice

• More space for answers provides more room for pupils when working out complex problems

• Comes with diagnostic profiling to inform teaching and learning

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