New PiRA, New PUMA and GAPS Interactive Tests

The same trusted and reliable questions as the paper versions of New PiRANew PUMA, PUMA for Scotland and GAPS in online, auto-marked, interactive format. Available for Years 1 to 6.

£1.87 per test credit.
1 test credit = 1 termly test

Purchase interactive credits for New PiRA interactiveNew PUMA interactive, PUMA for Scotland interactive and GAPS interactive.

Test credits will appear on the ‘Interactive tests’ area of your MARK account on the day of purchase.

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Explore the features of PiRA, PUMA and GAPS interactives and find out how much time you could save on marking

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Key Stage 2, New PiRA interactive
Key Stage 2, New PUMA interactive
Key Stage 1, GAPS interactive

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