PiRA for Scotland: Termly tests designed to identify gaps in learning, assess attainment, track termly progress and benchmark performance in reading against averages from thousands of pupils. 

Tailored to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

  • Confidently assess each of the CfE curriculum organiser in every termly test and quickly identify pupil strengths and weaknesses to inform teacher planning.

  • Easily generate diagnostic gap analysis to track attainment and progress in all pupils, including those who are PEF funded.

  • Save time with papers that are quick and simple to administer and mark, carefully written to ensure a steady progression in demand. 

  • Gain FREE access to our online reporting toolkit, trusted by over 6,000 schools to measure performance, identify gaps in learning and present holistic reports for pupils from P1 to P7.

  • Written by established authors who have years of teaching and test-writing experience and who are passionate about providing high-quality, diagnostic information to assist teachers and support children’s learning.

£18.75 per 10-copy pack of termly papers for each year group

Free downloadable access to your PiRA for Scotland Test Guidance and Mark Schemes

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What Chris Gallagher, Principal Teacher at Corpus Christi Primary School in Glasgow, thinks of PiRA for Scotland:


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Directly target pupils' knowledge gaps with Shine Maths, diagnostically driven by PUMA for Scotland test results

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