PiRA and PUMA interactive tests

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The same trusted and reliable questions can be taken online, with auto-marking to save you time

Are the interactive tests suitable for me and my teachers?

  • Save valuable time with auto-marking and instant reports
  • Instantly review individual and class results in MARK, our free online marking and reporting system - meaning that you don't have to manually input results
  • Auto-saving function means that no data is lost
  • Dynamic format leads to more engaged pupils

Are the interactive tests suitable for my pupils?

  • Video tutorial at the start of each test means that children quickly become familiar with the online format
  • Adds variety to assessment methods
  • More engaging
  • Can easily see which questions have been missed/skipped
  • Suitable on whichever platform the child is most familiar with: iPad, laptop or desktop 

What do the interactive tests look like?


How much time could I save?

interactive tests

Try before you buy:
5 free test credits will be added to your account when you download
our free online reporting system, MARK

What is MARK?

The paper versions of the tests come with free online marksheets and reports, which enable you to enter your pupils' test scores and generate filterable assessment reports at pupil, group, class and school level and benchmark performance against national averages. With the interactive tests, there is no need for you to manually insert these results - they are instantly and automatically uploaded, meaning that you can simply log in and pull the reports that matter to you.

You can access these reports via MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit), which is free to purchase online.

View the handy guide to reports

How much do the interactive test credits cost?

  • Each interactive test requires one test credit, which costs £1.65 (the same price as individual printed PiRA and PUMA papers). For more answers to FAQs, visit our dedicated page.
  • Try before you buy: Receive 5 free test credits when you download our free online reporting system, MARK

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