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Should I use the current edition of PiRA or the newest edition, New PiRA?

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Publication dates

  • New PiRA Autumn papers publish in Summer 2020, ready for testing in Autumn 2020

  • New PiRA Spring papers publish in Autumn 2020, ready for testing in Spring 2021

  • New PiRA Summer papers publish in Spring 2021, ready for testing in Summer 2021


A full breakdown of what's new about New PiRA

• Standardised in 2019/20 on over 10,000 pupils

• Increased number of inference, comparison and vocabulary questions that reflect national test question coverage more closely

• Phonics in the Year 1 tests have been replaced by reading for meaning, to match the curriculum

• Increased number of marks in the Year 2 Summer paper allows for a thorough diagnostic profile at the end of KS1

• Additional marks added to the Year 5 and Year 6 papers, providing more challenging questions and an opportunity to stretch and track progress of pupils working at greater depth

• Strands reflect the national test content domains, resulting in consistent and informative diagnostic profiling every term

• Comes with diagnostic profiling to inform teaching and learning

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