Meet the authors

Colin McCarty

Colin McCarty was a teacher for 25 years before taking on the role of Project Director of National Curriculum test development for KS2 and KS3 from their inception. He has written a wide range of standardised assessments covering reading, writing, SPAG, mathematics and science. He is passionate about providing high quality, diagnostic information that assists teachers and supports children’s learning. Colin believes that summative and diagnostic information leads to data richness, which underpins assessment.

Kate Ruttle

Kate Ruttle has over 30 years’ experience as a primary teacher, SENCO and deputy head. She has also worked for local authorities as an advisory teacher and consultant for literacy and inclusion. Kate has over 25 years’ experience of writing for schools and the Department for Education. She has been involved in reading and test development and writing for the National Tests, and also has curriculum development experience. Alongside qualifications such as: MEd in educational research (Cambridge); NPQH; CCET (certificate of competence in educational testing); Level 7 in Assessing and Teaching Specific Learning Difficulties, Kate is also a school improvement coach and Chair of Governors for KS1.


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