Connect your school's MIS with MARK

You can connect your school’s Management Information System (MIS) with MARK. It’s free to set up and cuts out the need to add teachers and pupils to MARK manually. In order to take advantage of this, all you need to do is register to use MARK and one of the supported MIS’ (Arbor, SIMS, Advanced Learning, BromCom, ScholarPack, RM Integris).

There are 2 methods available to schools wishing to use the MIS sync option:

a) Sync via Assembly

The MIS is enabled using a link provided by Assembly between your school’s MIS and MARK systems. There is no requirement to purchase Assembly analytics to use this option, schools simply need to register for a free Assembly account prior to set-up. Assembly analytics is a separate product that may be purchased from them directly and will provide an aggregated view of MIS and standardised assessment (PiRA and PUMA) data. Visit for more information.


b) Sync directly with Arbor

The MIS sync directly links your school’s Arbor MIS system with MARK. Schools wishing to use this option must already be Arbor customers. Using the direct Arbor syncing option will allow MARK customers to:
• Automatically sync pupil data directly from Arbor MIS to MARK, with no need for data
downloads and uploads
• Automatically sync results from PiRA and PUMA tests back to Arbor MIS for MATs, so
that central teams have access to an aggregated view of results across their schools
• Allow senior leaders to use Arbor to set intervention groups and take action based on
results fed through from PiRA and PUMA marksheets in MARK.

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