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St-Joseph-s-logo.jpgUsing the PIRA tests in our school on a termly basis has been very beneficial. The tests are well structured and pupil friendly, especially compared to other test products on the market. Pupils can confidently read the text and the questions in the answer booklet, as they are laid out well. This also has a benefit to teachers, as due the good layout and structure of the tests, marking the papers is a smooth and easy process.

The questions in the test are well linked to the national curriculum learning objectives and are designed very well to help demonstrate that pupils are able to perform against the expected standard for their relevant age group.

From an assessment point of view, the PIRA tests are very useful as they not only generate a raw score, but also a standardised score. This standardised score allows teachers to pinpoint what stage the pupils in their class are working at.

The raw and standardised scores are also useful in allowing staff to identify pupils that may need extra support. Because questions are linked to the different curriculum objectives, teachers can also pinpoint any areas of weakness within the curriculum that may need to be addressed. The data produced is accurate and easy to use, making it easier to track pupil progress and achievement throughout the school year.

Chris Caffrey, Senior Teacher and Year 6 Teacher at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
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