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Why did you choose the PiRA standardised assessments?
We were looking for a standardised test which was easy to administer and mark, to help inform teacher
assessment. We also wanted data that could be used to set targets and predict likely outcomes for children. We use PiRA throughout the school, including FS in the summer term and carry out the testing as close to the end of term as possible.

Have you found the assessments easy to use?
Yes. Instructions for the children are clear and the mark scheme is easy to interpret. We also use the
free online marksheets and reporting in MARK, which does away with the need to calculate scores using the manual, saving hours of work!

How have the assessments been used to inform your planning and teaching?
We have used the correlation data to identify those children who are borderline for a final score of 100
or 110 and make these our target groups for interventions and additional teaching. The strand data makes it easy to focus on areas where more teaching is required. We report standardised scores to parents at Spring parents evening and in end of year reports. Parents are happier with some concrete data.

What do you see as the main benefits to the school of using PiRA?
We can now make comparisons with the national picture and identify progress. Staff feel more secure in their judgements with the data to inform them.

Would you recommend PiRA to other schools?
Absolutely. I recommended it to the Thame Partnership of schools, who all agreed to use it this year. We work together to moderate and had struggled last year with a number of different trackers and systems. This enables us to compare our data effectively and to ensure our moderation is more robust.
Sue Stamp, Headteacher, Long Crendon School
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