All Saint's - New PiRA and New PUMA

All Saint's are a mainstream 1 form entry town church school in Wellinborough.

Their Assistant Headteacher (English and Data Lead) was kind enough to answer the following questions for us.

How are you using New PiRA and New PUMA?
We use the papers each term to complete internal data grids that are then used for pupil progress meetings.  We use this information in order to allocate funding, SEN provision and catch-up interventions.

Why did you choose New PiRA and New PUMA?
We chose the papers because of the up-to-date standardisation data and free online analysis and reporting system, MARK.

What are the benefits of the papers?
Easy to deliver with a great online reporting system and question level analysis per pupil and group. The papers are engaging for our pupils and the free online test guidance and mark schemes are easy to access meaning that there is no need to find the mark book in school each time.

How effective have New PiRA and New PUMA been in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses?
Over the last couple of years the assessments have transformed our school's assessment system and led to improved progress. We use the information from the assessments to aid our planning for the next term and to present findings to governors.

Do you use MARK (My Assessment Reporting Kit) for inputting scores and for the reports?
Yes, it's a brilliant data set up with lots of useful information. As an RI school the information it gives has been essential to aid improvement.

Closing thoughts

"The assessments save us time in analysing areas of strength and weakness."

"The measures and reports make it easy for us to track pupils’ progress from term to term."

"The assessments have helped us to track progress and support pupils in a year of uncertainty."

Assistant Headteacher (English and Data Lead)
New PiRA
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