NEW Progress Tests (Second Edition)

Regularly assess pupil progress and identify gaps in children's learning with half-termly Progress Tests in reading, GPS, mathematics and science.  Avaliable from Years 1-6, these photocopiable, light-touch tests provide a cost effective solution to whole school assessment.

Updated in line with the SATS - 100% new questions


Brand new Reading, Mathematics and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Progress Tests (Second Edition) have been fully updated in line with the SATS to ensure children are familiar with the more challenging national test questions.

8,000 schools love our Progress Tests because they are:

  • Rising Stars Assessment Progress Testssimple to use - photocopiable half-termly tests with full administration and marking guidance
  • trusted - written by experts with experience writing for the SATs
  • time-saving - includes FREE reports to quickly analyse gaps in learning

Quickly identify strengths and weaknesses with FREE online reports

•   Easily identify gaps in learning to inform future teaching
•   Gap analysis identifies strengths and weaknesses by strand across the
•   Individual and group progress reports highlight areas requiring additional

Set up your school on MARK today. 


Independent Research

We commissioned Shift Learning, an independent research organisation specialising in education, to carry out an evaluation study on the impact our Progress Tests. Read the full report.


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