What are the test outcomes and how were they standardised?

How were the tests standardised?

Every paper has been trialled on more than 1,000 children per year group in the 2018-19 academic year, from a nationally representative sample of schools across England. To guarantee a valid standardisation, these children sat each paper in the term in which it is intended to be sat: Autumn papers in November, Spring papers in March, and Summer papers in June. 

What are the test outcomes?

Standardised score

See whether the pupil’s attainment is above or below the national average for their year cohort

‚ÄčAge-standardised score

See how the pupil is performing against other pupils of the same age, calculated in years and months

Maths/Reading Age

Get a quick measure of attainment against the age at which the pupil’s performance is typical

Strand analysis (including strand national average)

See strengths and weaknesses across the curriculum to inform future teaching

Facility value for every question

See the percentage of pupils who answered each question correctly in the standardisation trial

Performance indicators

Identify whether pupils are meeting performance expectations for their year

NTS Score

Measure pupil progress with this independent scale. Useful for tracking and predicting performance of children who are working outside of their age range, but continue to make small increments of progress for their year

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