Familiarise your pupils with National Test-style reading and maths papers whilst confidently measuring termly performance against thousands of pupils nationally.

  • Reliably predict performance for your Year 1 to 6 pupils using data that’s been collected from thousands of children during the 2018/19 academic year.

  • Ease teacher planning and ensure that all content is taught before administering the tests with free comprehensive curriculum maps that work alongside many popular maths schemes.

  • Completely trust the content of the tests: they’ve been written by experienced National Test authors who have extensive knowledge of assessment and teaching.

  • Free downloadable access to your Test Guidance and Mark Schemes.

£19.25 per 10-copy pack of termly tests for each subject and year group.

(only available for purchase by schools or MATs)

Free Test Guidance, Mark Schemes and Correlation Tables for all papers can be accessed here.

Important update on changes to NTS Performance Indicators for 2022/23 here.

Using White Rose 3.0? Find out how changes to your teaching order may impact your chosen maths assessment here.

Download your free maths evaluation pack

Learn more about NTS Mathematics Assessments and view sample pages and mark schemes


Download your free reading evaluation pack

Learn more about NTS Reading Assessments and view sample pages and mark schemes


"NTS Assessments give us robust, detailed diagnostics to complement teacher judgement"

Teacher, Riccall Community Primary School

2022 Correlation Study

Read the latest correlation study for NTS Assessments to learn how they align with National Test Scaled Scores and changes to performance indicators

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Test outcomes and features of NTS Assessments

What does this mean for you?

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"Loved them! I liked the format and visuals and the children liked the content. I thought the timing of the tests was well matched to pupils' learning. Provides accurate assessments"

Teacher feedback from NTS Assessment trials

FREE online reports with MARK

All standardised assessments come with free access to MARK, our powerful online assessment and reporting tool trusted by over 6,000 schools.

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Structure of NTS Assessments

View the structure of the papers and download curriculum maps for Reading and Maths.

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"NTS Assessments provide us with useful attainment, progress and comparison data to use as part of our assessment process and the average strand information generated helps to inform future teaching. What’s even better is that we’re helping the children to become familiar with the National Test format."

Head Teacher, Long Crendon School

Read our case studies

Find out other primary schools have used NTS Assessments for their pupils

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Meet the authors

Learn more about the creators of NTS Assessments.

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"They are easy to use and effectively prepare children for their SATs."

Teacher, Riccall Community Primary School

Why St Barnabas C of E First and Middle School recommends NTS Assessments

Targeted Interventions for NTS Assessments

Deliver diagnostically driven intervention activities for groups and individuals, targeting the areas of weakness demonstrated in your pupils’ NTS Assessment results

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Assess GPS with GAPS

Termly tests in grammar, punctuation and spelling that reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages.

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New PiRA for reading

Colourful termly reading tests standardised on over 10,000 pupils in 2019/20/21. Available in paper and online, auto-marked, interactive formats.

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New PUMA for maths

Colourful termly maths tests standardised on over 10,000 pupils in 2019/20/21. Available in paper and online, auto-marked, interactive formats.

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Your guide to standardised assessments

An introduction to standardised assessments: What are they? How are they standardised? What information do they provide? How can they support your school's teaching and learning?

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Looking for a reading scheme?

Reading Planet offers flexible print and digital resources to inspire your young readers

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Using my termly standardised assessment papers outside of the recommended test windows

Using my assessments outside of the recommended test windows to evaluate what pupils have learned, as well as understanding which areas they need more help with, when they return to the classroom.

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