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The only termly, standardised, SATs-style tests for Years 1 to 6, designed to benchmark progress and attainment in reading and maths against national averages. Written by SATs authors to the National Test framework.

  • Sample pagesFamiliarise children with the SATs and reliably track progress for pupils in Years 1 to 6
  • Benchmark performance in reading and maths against statistically valid national averages
  • Works alongside White Rose Maths and other popular schemes, the comprehensive curriculum maps ensure all content can be taught before the tests are administered
  • Standardised on thousands of pupils and trialled termly during the 2018-19 academic year
  • Written by experienced SATs authors, combining test development knowledge with an understanding of how content works in the classroom
  • Free downloadable Mark Schemes and Test Guidance
  • Free onine gap analysis and reports available in MARK, our assessment and reporting tool

Our pricing is really simple, at just £17 per 10-copy pack of termly tests for each subject and year group

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How were the tests standardised?

Every paper has been trialled on more than 1,000 children per year group in the 2018-19 academic year, from a nationally representative sample of schools across England. To guarantee a valid standardisation, these children sat each paper in the term in which it is intended to be sat: Autumn papers in November, Spring papers in March, and Summer papers in June. 

What are the test outcomes?

  •  Standardised score

    See whether the pupil’s attainment is above or below the national average for their year cohort

  • ‚ÄčAge-standardised score

    See how the pupil is performing against other pupils of the same age, calculated in years and months

  • Maths/Reading Age

    Get a quick measure of attainment against the age at which the pupil’s performance is typical

  • Strand analysis (including strand national average)

    See strengths and weaknesses across the curriculum to inform future teaching

  • Facility value for every question

    See the percentage of pupils who answered each question correctly in the standardisation trial

  • Performance indicators

    Identify whether pupils are meeting performance expectations for their year

  • Hodder Scale Score

    Measure pupil progress with this independent scale. Useful for tracking and predicting performance of children who are working outside of their age range, but continue to make small increments of progress for their year

Which online reports are available?

Every NTS Assessments purchase comes with free access to MARK, our online assessment and reporting tool. This means that you can:

  • Quickly analyse gaps in learning to inform targeted teaching
  • View, compare and share individual and group performance and progress reports
  • Share relevant and easily digestible reports with teachers, parents, governers, Ofsted and other key stakeholders

More information will be available soon!

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Meet the authors of the tests

The writers of NTS Assessments are curriculum experts and have recent experience of teaching, assessing and writing for the National Tests.

Madeleine BarnesMadeleine Barnes 

Madeleine has over 20 years’ teaching and leadership experience in primary education and is now a full time English consultant. Madeleine works with various providers in the development of both KS1 and KS2 SATs tests and has over 12 years’ experience in the external marking of KS2 papers. She is also a KS2 writing moderator. Madeleine is passionate about ‘getting it right’ for children. 


Trevor Dixon
Trevor Dixon

Trevor has over 35 years’ teaching experience and has been a maths coordinator in 3 primary schools, as well as working as an advanced skills teacher. He has worked as a marker of KS2 maths SATs for over 20 years and, in recent years, as a team leader. Trevor has written maths SATs questions for both KS1 and KS2. He has been a member of Expert Review panels reviewing SATs questions, test papers and mark schemes for STA.

Shareen MayersShareen Mayers 

Shareen is a primary English consultant and experienced primary teacher. She advises at national level and is currently a DfE subject specialist for reading and grammar (KS1 and KS2). For seven years, she was a part of the Expert Review.

Siobhan Mayers

Siobhan Skeffington

Siobhan has extensive experience in primary English as a classroom teacher, working with children of all age ranges over the past 28 years. She is also an author and an educational consultant and works on the KS1 and KS2 pre-tests, leading a team in KS1 and KS2 test development and attending Expert Review panels for English, maths and science. Siobhan writes, edits and reviews a variety of materials for the new curriculum. She has been a KS2 SATs marker and team leader for reading for 10 years.

Marie Lallaway

Marie teaches in a middle school and has extensive experience as a curriculum leader for English across KS2 - KS4. As well as contributing to the development of materials for national tests, she has created assessment materials for reading, writing and grammar across KS1-KS3 and has led marking and reporting processes for SATs-style tests across KS2.

Sarah-Anne Fernandes 

Sarah-Anne was previously a Deputy Headteacher in a London primary and is an established mathematics author and has previously been involved in the STA test development for maths, alongside writing and series editing many other educational assessments.


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