Gemma Westerman, Wilbraham Primary School

School name: Wilbraham Primary SchoolComputing Assessment Tasks - Rising Stars Case Study

Teacher: Gemma Westerman (ICT coordinator)

How are you using this resource?

In Year 5, we used the diagnostic, written and practical tasks across one full term. The resources were used to support planning the unit of teaching and to ensure initial assessments and coverage of objectives were all considered. The resources provided structure to our teaching and supported teacher assessment.

How effective has it been in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses?

The initial diagnostic questioning supported identifying children’s strengths and weaknesses a lot. This was then followed up with the assessment tasks to recognise the progress that children had made.

How has it helped to direct your teaching plans?

The three different types of tasks within the resource (diagnostic, written, practical) heavily supported planning the unit in the initial stages and throughout, as they needed to be carefully linked and timed.
Have you found the resource easy to use?

The resource was relatively easy to use, once we had the provision matching charts which outlined which Switched On tasks linked to which assessment tasks for each year group.

What did you like about it? 

We liked that the resources gave teachers an effective account of learning and attainment, which is very beneficial for those not as confident teaching ICT.
 Would you recommend this resource to other schools? Why?

For the purpose we have used the resource for, we would recommend it to other schools as it has been very useful and we are looking forward to rolling this out across other year groups.

Rising Stars Computing Assessment Tasks

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Gemma Westerman, Wilbraham Primary School
Computing Assessment Tasks
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