Impact in Schools

Mike Haughton, Year 6 teacher at Trinity Anglican Methodist Primary School

It was great for the children to have the opportunity to apply their writing skills to two narratives with contrasting purposes. The précis was a challenge for the children due to the word limit but they really rose to this and thought carefully about their word choices. The longer writing task allowed many children to be individual and highly creative. Having the assessment statements allowed the children to create their own success criteria and achieve highly.

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These Writing Tasks are a valuable tool to help primary teachers consistently assess writing throughout the primary years.

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Richard Ryan

Last year, we found it quite challenging to identify relevant texts for précising, whereas in the tasks booklet three of them are present with a simple mark scheme to support. Another advantage of the resource is the proof-reading tasks as they allow me to identify whether or not a pupil can correct writing that is not their own.

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